Our Services :

A. Sea Transportation
For the transportation of cargo we are currently utilizing 180-feet bargeswith a storage capacity of between 1,900 and 2,200-tons ...

B. Shipping Agency
PT PELAYARAN THE NASIONAL GLOBAL are registered as one of the most comprehensive shiping agencies, ...

C. Global Cargo service
Although the company’s current field of espertise lies within freight forwarding and logistics, we are continually looking to expand ...

D. Documentation
When considering freight services, the company provides complete & accurate scheduling details. Upon request, ...

Welcome To Our Site

PT PELAYARAN THE NASIONAL GLOBAL Was established since 30th agustus 2006 at batam kepri-indonesia, registered under notary act: no 344 by Yondry Darto.

PT PELAYARAN THE NASIONAL GLOBAL Has focused on providing their cients base with reliable and trustworthly sea transportation business facilities and agents since it’s founding in 2006.

We are offering convenient service to our current and future clients by adding a new branch agency/office at Tg. Balai Karimun.

Our service and diligent consulting agents are at the ready to provide our clients with timely clearences of vessels, in or our of batam/ Singapore/ Malaysia/worldwide at competitive rates.

This service also includes shipping needs, wether large or small cargo shipments, loading /unloading.our staffs are on hand for both new and regular customers that depend on our trusted reseources.

Operating 4 pairs of tugs / barges. PT. PELAYARAN THE NASIONAL GLOBAL is committed to providing the utmost service avaible to our clients.